A Kiss from Miss Virginia Rose

Photo by: Joel Kinman

In the deep, dark days of a rainy Vancouver winter, Virginia Rose was snipping off split ends at a waterfront hair salon making ends meet while playing some small shows around town.  When the time finally came for her make or break decision, Virginia packed up her gear and traded in her scissors for a full time guitar pick.  The only way to make her dreams a success was to go after them, and there was no better time.  After getting herself back in the groove of playing shows around town, Virginia sought management to make her deep rooted love of music into a full time career.

Over the past 6 months Virginia’s following has gone from her family members and crowds at local open mics to a devoted draw that come to support each and every show sometimes more than once a week.  Skilled on a six string, classically trained on the piano, and a heavy hitting beat boxer/mouth percussionist, Virginia ties in her impressive range of vocals through a loop pedal to bring you a one-woman show that is truly unique.  Her songwriting speaks from a place of raw emotion from past experiences, tapping into places of the heart that are rarely touched outside of a well written song.  Her style is a folk-pop/soul-hop sound that gets your feet tapping and your soul smiling.

She recently showcased for Interscope Records at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC.   It then became necessary for her to be adaptable to larger venues, and, despite her solo sound floating to the tops of the highest rafters in town, a full band was the next natural step.  Fronting this new band gave Virginia an added level of spunk and freed her to bring a new level of stage persona to each of her full band shows.  Free to move around and interact more with the band and crowd throughout each song allows her personality to fully shine through - and what a personality it is!

Virginia’s love of music has been more than enough to propel her to great heights already.  She’s featured at smaller venues around town on a recurring basis, was asked to return for a featured showcase at Vancouver FanClub on March 19th, and is bringing her full band out to perform for Warner Bros Records this coming April.  She's busy working on her first EP with a local producer, and planning a tour for early summer.   Virginia's spirit is one that, despite her struggles and pain, was meant to soar, and her voice is taking her to new heights.  Now that the spotlight is on her, she’s more than ready to step forward and see where this crazy road we call ‘the business’ will take her.

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