Gold & Youth - Future Pop from Vancouver

In a town where indie folk, rock, and hip hop are pretty obvious, it’s not often you are greeted with the drum sequencers and saturated synth tones of live electronica.  But the electro undercurrent is there bubbling away under the surface, escaping now and then in the form of recent successes Blood Diamonds and Grimes, and currently in the form of Gold & Youth.

From the island of Canadian music that is Vancouver, Matthew Lyall, Louise Burns, Murray Mckenzie and Jeff Mitchelmore have gained international recognition for their dark disco melodies, laden with retro synth tones and vintage drum sounds, and now signed to Arts & Crafts, sit strongly in the west wing with Dan Mangan, working to stoke a teeming, landlocked Vancouver music scene. Gold & Youth’s combination of 80’s nostalgia and modern technology is everything that makes you want to buy into electronic music’s invasion of pop.  All insurgency is quelled by pillowy synth lines, sharp grooves and haunting vocal melodies, distant and thoughtful.  It is a style evocative of New York, London, and DFA records, a piece of the modern electronica movement on the north west coast.

Since signing with Arts & Crafts, they have been working on their debut full-length album Beyond Wilderness with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, New Pornographers, Dan Mangan) and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire, Grizzly Bear, Interpol), who are important, as The Guardian UK puts it, “because what Gold & Youth have achieved on that album is a sound that draws equally on American alt-rock and English synth-pop”.  So far we have been treated to one single off the record, Jewel an 80s synth ballad, beautifully sung by Louise Burns and Matthew Lyall.  While we lick our chops over that they are in Austin, Texas at SXSW 2013, representing Canadian indie music to the world and building momentum for their big debut.

It’s an exciting time for a young band with bright futures, and an exciting time for their city.  Look out for their album set to release May 14, 2013.

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